Couch to 5k

I’d like to start off by saying that I hate running.  I was a book nerd, I ran like a 15-20 minute mile is high school P.E. class, and that’s the last time I ran.  But you’ll notice on my 31 list, there it is: complete a couch to 5k program and run a race. so I downloaded the Get Running app, put it on my phone and my iPod, and today set out on my path to becoming a runner…

Which did not go so well.  First, I figured I could do the program while walking Duke, who loves nothing more than to run.  Second, I figured it was okay to just wear jeans and sneakers and a hoodie like I always do when walking Duke, since I am sized out of my exercise clothes.

Full disclosure:  They’re a size 16 or a large, which I was fine with.  Now?  I’m a *gulp* 22.  I can’t fit into literally 3/4 of my clothes.  I’ve been buying a pair or 2 of new jeans and wearing XXL hoodies because I was seriously in denial.  I bought Get Running last Monday.  I only started it today because this weekend I looked at a picture of me that my husband took on my phone and it shattered my self delusion.  I nearly cried at what I saw, because even though I have a husband that thinks I’m gorgeous, and more self-confidence than ever, I am not healthy. And I like my clothes, dammit!  I want to wear them.

Anyway, the problems:  Duke also loves to pull.  I’m working on it with the clicker, but it’s slow going.  Duke can also run really fast-we like to joke that we got the optional turbo boost package on our dog.  If I run with Duke it’s really hard to slow him back down, especially since it’s such short intervals, I think he’s mostly just confused as to what the hell I’m doing.  He’s a scent oriented dog, too, which means he spends a lot of time with his nose to the ground and will follow an interesting scent until I actually drag him away.  Meaning he wants to stop and smell when I’m trying to run, and I have to stop.

And running in jeans?  Not the most comfy thing ever, especially since they’re too long and I keep tripping on them. So, looks like I’ll be hitting up Wal-mart for some running clothes that won’t break the bank, and walking Duke, then going out for my run.  It’ll eat up a lot of time, but I’m trying to think of it as a warm-up.  I have to make exercise and eating right a priority and hold myself accountable.


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