Today I cooked my first recipe out of Good Eats Volume 2, as part of my 31 before 31.  What did I cook?  Crab legs!

And yes, that’s an iPhone picture taken with the Hipstamatic app to disguise the lack of lighting in my kitchen 🙂

And grilled steak.

Alton Brown is my hero, you guys.  I”m a nerd, through and through, and Good Eats is like Mr. Wizard for cooking.  (Side note: Jem is coming back! I adored that cartoon, it was second only to She-Ra   in my personal pantheon, and I’m pretty sure Jem is why I love pink, makeup, and musicals.)  Anyway, Good Eats aired around the time I moved out of my parent’s house (and realized that I should have listened to my mom when she tried to teach me how to cook.  A lot of it sunk in by osmosis, though.  Thanks Mom!) and it ran at like 1 a.m., which was the perfect time since I was usually just getting home or staying up way too late.  I’ve been hooked ever since, and when the cookbooks started coming out, well, you can imagine my glee.

So, the cooking method for crab legs is so dead simple, I actually doubted Alton.  But of course I was wrong.  You wrap the crab legs tightly in damp paper towels, then in saran wrap, and microwave for two minutes.  Sounds way too easy, right?  But when you pull them out of the microwave, they’re too hot to touch, and the crab legs are delicious!  He also tells you how to make ghee. I can’t find a link to either recipe, but if you want the exact instructions let me know & I’ll send them to you.

So, first recipe a success!  Which is especially great because I was cooking to celebrate something I did that I’m proud of.  (That I will talk about in my next post because it is a long story). The Universe has been sending me happy energy and karmic justice lately, though, and I’m grateful.


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