Square Four, Blooming Granny

I was not happy with how this turned out,  Not because of any flaw in the pattern, just because of my color choices.  I thought the green for the leaves would be fine, but looking at it now I don’t like it. And I think I should have alternated black and gray instead of just gray.  Plus it’s huge-13 inches. Adaiha mentioned a modification for the leaves that I’d like to try. I’ll probably re-do this one when I have more time.

Blooming Granny



Filed under 365 granny project, Crochet

2 responses to “Square Four, Blooming Granny

  1. Awesome coloring on your squares. They are turning out to have a lot of eye appeal.

  2. I definitely wasn’t happy with the way my leaves attached to the flower until I made that modification. Don’t you love when you realize after you’re done that you wish you’d used different colors? I never have the patience to redo it and try to learn to live with it! 😉

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