So, is the Rapture coming?

Because at this point I could use some Heaven.  Although I’m not a church goer, so I’d have to do some fast talking to get in. These past couple weeks have been Nikki’s Series of Unfortunate Events…not fun.  A list of why (because I like lists.  Don’t judge):

1. I got a miserable cold about 2 weeks ago and it took forever to shake the congestion and cough.  (I smoked from when I was 18 until April 6th last year, when I went to the doctor for what I thought was bronchitis, because I couldn’t breathe without coughing.  They had me x-rayed to check for pneumonia, and told me I had the precursors to COPD, and I’d be in bad shape in about a year.  I was 29.  I quit that day, using the patch, but my lungs are still not 100%, obviously).

2.  I was trying to bake the cake for my cake decorating class.  I started the mixer, and then Duke freaked out over some guys working on our power lines because they were walking through our yard.  Duke is not aggressive except for being territorial, especially out the window.  I go to pull Duke off, come back, dump the mix in the pans, stick them in the oven, sit down…and realize I never sprayed the pans. The cakes are not salvageable.  No problem, I’ve got another mix, and I’ll use those for cake pops, since I just got Bakerella’s book. I start pulling out ingredients, and they cut power to the town.  For 45 minutes.  And it was hot out.  The power comes on, I have just enough time to bake before I have to leave for work, and it turns out I used the last 2 eggs on the first mix.  Steve has my car, so there’s no going anywhere. I got it done, as in baked and crumb coated, at 11:30 the night before class. My cake did turn out pretty well, though:

3.  Then my dad tells me that he thinks his dog (also named Duke, which is why we kept our dog’s name the same) might be in his final days.  He’s 12, and has had arthritis for a while, but that day he couldn’t really move, like to get up or down.  I was a wreck.  He responded really well to the arthritis medication the vet gave him, so it’s a happy ending, but it was a sorrowful couple days for my family before that.

4. On a happy note, my first ever fondant roses turned out pretty good:

I’m enjoying my class a lot.  I kinda forgot how much I love to decorate, and I’m happy to get back into it.

5. I’ve been working different hours again, and been busy (or sick), and everything is neglected.  The cats, Duke-he’s been home alone more than usual and that’s not great for him, my crochet along, my 365 photo project, couch to 5k, cooking (and eating) healthier, all kinda gone by the wayside.

6.  Yesterday, I started the day getting diagnosed with conjunctivitis.  I ended the day stuck on the side of the road with a car that wouldn’t start.  Steve is working on it now, since I’m actually supposed to be at work.  But the whole ordeal has sapped our savings for our anniversary, and my sick time.  It’s our 2 year in a couple weeks, and I booked a hot air balloon ride. It’s pricey, and I’m just hoping we’ll have enough money to still do it after bills and all.

Next week will be better, right?


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  1. He said we would not know so I was not even considering it.

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