Except not really

What a month.  My amazing husband had a tire blow up on him at work, which meant emergency surgery to put a steel plate in his arm and fix his dislocated elbow.  It was his left arm, and he’s left handed, so I signed all the paperwork at the various hospitals (he was transported from our small town to the nearby slightly bigger town, then once they did x-rays and found the severity he was transported again to the nearest city).  That was a mind fuck for sure-I’ve never signed medical forms for anyone but myself or my pets before.  It was odd.

So now we’re in the second week of physical therapy.  It’s hard for both of us having him out of work-Steve’s bored a lot, and when he does get to do stuff, it’s been when I’m working and then I’m irritated about how he gets to go off and have fun while I’m busting my butt to support us.  But we’ve smoothed over the minor bumps and we’re both happy to spend more time together.

In the name of getting us both out of the house and crossing stuff off my 31 list, we decided to go fishing-my first time ever.  It was a blast!  I, along with everyone that knows me, was surprised at how much I liked it.  I didn’t catch any fish, although they got plenty of my worms :). I did get a ridiculous sunburn that actually freaking blistered, which has never happened to me before (the blisters, not the sunburn).  I have plans to go fishing with my dad later this month, and Steve and I will probably go a lot now, since there’s a good lake about 10 minutes away.

Let’s see, other news…I started Weight Watchers the day before Steve’s accident, and it’s going well.  I need to re-dedicate myself though, and start exercising.  I’m starting to lose momentum.

Which is normal this time of year-I shut down in heat, and we’re hitting the ridiculously hot part of summer now.  I need to get my all my projects-365, 31 list, new scrapbook-going again.  Plus go see what can be saved from my neglected garden. And maybe finally re-start the granny square project?  Although that might be a little ambitious for me right now. We shall see.




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