There’s An Empty Place In My Bones

That calls out for fall.  A snap in the air, leaves turning, walking Duke without pouring sweat, big cozy hoodies, masses of sunflowers on the sides of the highway I take to work, pumpkins, mallow pumpkins, Halloween, long hot showers, lots of baking, a big pot of chicken stock simmering on the stove all Sunday long, blankets, football, hot chocolate, hot coffee again, quiet hours spent cross-stitching and crocheting…it’s just around the corner and I’m attuned to every tiny sign.

I feel the same way, Duke

I’m just holding on to the small things that make me happy, stepping stones to get through this next month, which is always one of the toughest, work-wise. Like this:

Yeah, totally going to drop $20 when I get paid

And this:

$5 to make me ridiculously happy every day? Total win

I’ll make it…and then take a deep breath and smile.



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