Nail Polish Is Better Than Cigarettes

To be addicted to, in my opinion as a former smoker (I quit in April 2010).  This week ended on a crappy note, so I decided to get some small things to cheer myself up.  I went to a book store and bought Bust, Nylon, and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (because I want to see what all of the fuss is about). I also went to Walgreens, my favorite place for nail stuff, and it didn’t disappoint me

Sally Hansen had a display with new Xtreme Wear colors. I love those, they wear pretty well and they’re super cheap.  Normally $2.99, there was a 2/$4 sale.  I got a deep orange glitter called Pumpkin Spice, which will be perfect for October and November Halloween/Thanksgiving nails:

I also got a fuchsia/purple glitter, and I found a pretty pink glitter from Wet n’ Wild:

Sinful Colors had a ‘Show your team colors’ display, which I initially walked right by.  I bought a polish from them a while ago that only lasted about a day before chipping almost completely off, but then I saw that they had silver. I haven’t seen a silver since I ran out of Sally Hansen’s Chrome color, so I couldn’t resist buying it:

Because I’m totally going to rep Oakland Raiders black and silver on my nails when football season starts!

So, I’m going to read, paint my nails, cuddle with all of my various adorable furballs (well, not Twinky.  She’s not a cuddly cat at all.  Ninja will refuse to be put down, and Duke will happily be loved on for hours, but Twink’s fine just sitting within a couple feet of me), and hang out with my awesome husband. A happy weekend awaits.


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