So, remember how I was all “I just have to make it through this month at work”? Well, I didn’t.  Background story:

Actually, screw the background story.   The reasons are legion, but suffice it to say that things became intolerable there.  I had been looking for another job for a while, and had a couple good interviews, so when things reached critical mass last weekend, I quit.  And now I’m holding out for a job that I really want, but I hate waiting.  I feel both proud-I put up with a LOT of shit at my old job-for finally standing up for myself and terrified-being unemployed after over a decade sucks.

Pity my husband, is what I’m saying.  He’s had to deal with a lot of mood swings.  Last night he brought me home Cheetos (my comfort food, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cried into a bowl of Cheetos in my life) and caramel swirl brownies with chocolate frosting.  The man was not fucking around.  And I did feel better.  I’ve been trying to finish old projects that are laying around, like this:

I crocheted this from a Twinkie Chan pattern in Toffee magazine

And this:

From Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden

I also started on a cupcake scarf from Twinkie Chan’s book.  But today I’m going to work on my 30 Days of Lists stuff-I’m stuck on what kind of book to make, because I seem to be in a rut on scrapbooking.  So I’m determined to break out of the rut.  Maybe I’ll get really crazy and re-organize my crafty space, see what I have for supplies (a ton, I buy supplies for a project, get busy and put it off or leave it half assed-the body of that ninja has been hanging around since last Christmas waiting for the embellishments to be put on) and either finish the projects or figure out new uses.  I need a kick start to get off my ass and get all the things that have been on my to-do list finally crossed off instead of surfing the internet on the couch. Maybe change my mindset a little.




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