30 Days of Lists Catch Up

I started my lists.  It’s really fun!  Because I am a nerd, of course.  I was stuck for the longest on what kind of book, because I wanted to make one, but I also don’t want to touch my scrapbook supplies because I have a big project planned.  I ended up using this book:

It’s been floating around the house forever, because I keep thinking I’m going to use it for a gratitude journal, or art journal, but I use my Filofax for everything.  So I’m happy to have found its purpose.  At first the small size seemed limiting, as you can see from my first couple pages:

Um...I'll write in different colors?

I know! I'll put a bird on it!


But then the small size seemed freeing-not a ton of space to fill, not a lot of stuff needed to make a big impact.  So I experimented:

Stamping and journal tags


I’m going to try to see it as a challenge:  be as creative as possible in limited space, using only what I have for supplies already.  It’ll be a good way to warm up for my big project.  I’m happy I decided to do this!


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