Best. Rummage. Sale. EVAR!!!

So, the hospital auxiliary in a town near us has a huge annual rummage sale. Like takes up the fairgrounds (which aren’t ginormous but aren’t tiny either) huge. I go every year, but it varies a lot in quality. I usually kind find a couple cute owls and maybe some cool kitchen stuff, and once I found some blue mason jars, which are pretty rare. I’ve always envied other people’s cool finds, but today? Today was my day. Behold:

Vintage fondue pot: $1.00

Coffee thermos with flower pattern that matches my favorite thermos: $2.00

Copper bunny mold: .25 cents.

Super sturdy food mill: .25 cents.

Original 1983 Care Bears game: $2.00

Bear picture frame (bears are a thing between my husband and I): .50 cents.

New owls for my collection: $2.00

Cool tin box: .50 cents.

And the grand finale:

Two working Polaroid cameras: $5.00!

Best thrifting haul ever: priceless!


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