The House Is Very Quiet

Duke stares at me like he wonders why it’s so quiet, just him and I and the occasional rustle from the cats.
“Your dad went to a concert” I tell him. “It’s just you and me for the weekend.” He sneezes and stretches out in front of the fan.
I feel time spreading out before me. What did I do with all this time when I was single? I suppose I have all the same things to do-cook dinner, clean the bathroom, throw a load of laundry in, walk Duke-but it seems so different, like it won’t fill all the hours it usually does.
So many things I could do. Go for walks (why is it I walked more when I didn’t have a dog?). Start an embroidery sampler, something with a lot of details. Re-arrange the house. Finish the umpteen books I’ve started. Go to dinner with my best friend. Right now I’m enjoying the possibilities, and the quiet.

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