32 Before 32

1. Make at least 2 recipes out of every cookbook I own.

2. Start decorating cakes again.

3. Learn HTML.

4. Beat Little Big Planet and crochet a Sackboy.

5. Go on a hot air balloon ride.

6. Build something out of wood.

7. Use up the craft supplies I have.

8. Go fishing a lot, and catch a fish.

9. Try a cleanse diet-no sugar, no processed foods for a week.

10. Read 100 books.

11. Make do and mend.

12. See my family as much as I can.

13. Go camping.

14. Start hiking.

15. Start a leap year time capsule.

16. Make my own butter, cheese, and bread.

17. Tend a big vegetable garden.

18. Make our own holidays.

19. Try thrift stores first.

20. Make my own bath stuff.

21. Make a zine of some sort.

22. Learn canning.

23. Spend 7 hours a week at the gym.

24. Get a juicer.

25. Collect all the Star Trek movies.

26. Complete another project 365 and find a cool way to present it.

27. Do a major spring cleaning/purge.

28. Learn more about photography.

29. Have a spending fast for one month.

30. Limit my screen time.

31. Learn to knit.

32. Go geocaching.

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