Hello, Internet! I’m Nikki, and this is my brand new blog. I’m a nerd/sci-fi geek, a cook, and an all-around crafty girl with emphasis on needle arts and scrapping.  I’m a list maker, addicted to organizing, and mildly obsessed with nail polish (yes, seriously. I have a whole Pinterest board for cool manicures).

I just turned 30 in November 2010, just married in 2009, and generally entered a new phase of life.  I resolved to live the fuck out of my thirties and this blog is a way to record that. (Oh yeah, I swear a lot.  So, PG-13 rating for Duke of Sandwich, I guess).

So, here’s the cast of characters in my little family:

1. Steve, my amazing husband:

2. Duke, our wedding present dog. He’s a 2 year old white German Shepherd.  He was a skittish and unsocialized 6 month old puppy when we got him (it was us or a shelter) and he came in like a hurricane, destroying everything in his path.  But he melted my heart the first time I saw him, and that was all it took. We’re still working on training.


3. Ninja, my much adored and spoiled cat.  The first pet I got after living on my own.

4. Twinky, the cat who plays fetch. Also, the cutest cat in the world.

And me, of course.

I’m headed for adventures. This is going to be good.

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