Digital Sabbatical and My Rules of Dis-Engagement

I think Alexandra Franzen and Gala Darling are right, sometimes you have to unplug. I’m there now. I’ve taken baby steps towards not being the asshole with my eyes glued to my iPhone all the time, but I am spending WAY. TOO. MUCH. time on it. So, my rules of dis-engagement:

No iPhone for 99% of the day. That means texts and calls like normal (I so rarely use my communication device to communicate. I’d like to use it to connect with people I care about-by actually talking to them), but no internet, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc except for 1 hour a day. All that time! To be filled with stuff I enjoy! It will be glorious!

Or, I’ll still be really lazy, but in about an hour I’ll get bored enough to actually go do something, thereby accomplishing the same goal of LIVE YOUR LIFE AS IT IS NOT HOW IT LOOKS ON INSTAGRAM and HAVE FUN and FUCK FACEBOOK, ANYWAY, IT’S LIKE FUCKING HIGH SCHOOL AND MAYBE THAT’S WHY YOU FEEL INSECURE AND UPTIGHT ALL THE TIME BECAUSE HIGH SCHOOL SUCKED.

Ahem. Anyway, I’m excited. I want to be an adventurous person, but I think that part of my soul has weakened and is barely hanging on from lack of use. So, on to the adventures:

  • Hiking
  • Getting a bike and riding it
  • Learning to hoopdance
  • Stargazing and learning the constellations again
  • Teach myself to knit

It’s a good start 🙂


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